Business Communication : Listening

December 4, 2008

Good listeners pay attention, focus on the other speakers in a generous way rather than on themselves, avoid making assumptions, and listen for feelings as well as for facts.

Pay Attention

Need an energy to listen, have to resist distractions and tune out noise. Some listening errors happen because the hearer wasn’t paying enough attention to a key point. After a meetings with a client, a consultant waited for the client to send her more information that she would use to draft a formal proposal to do a job for the client. It turned out that the client thought the next move was up to the consultant. The consultant and the client had met together, but they hadn’t remembered the same facts.

What to do ?

1. Before the meeting, anticipate the answers you need to get. Make a mental or paper list of your questions.
2. At the end of conversation , check your understanding with the other person.
3. After the conversation, write down key points that affect deadlines or how work will be evaluated.

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