Fidel Castro : Obama cannot Solve US Capitalism

February 9, 2009

Former Cuba’s President, Fidel Castro said that Barack Obama and the servants can not resolve US capitalism as well, Obama push board of senate to gain plans in economic stimulus to fix US economy.


Former Cuba’s President, Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, 82 years old, critics obama although praised obama election in Nov 4, 2009. When obama waiting agreement from the senate for run the economic stimulus, predicted at least US$ 800,000,000,000, Castro said that US economic as soon as possible needs reform for avoid the disaster. Then Castro said US economic recovery depends on each country in this world.


United States of America’s President, Barrack Obama

This article is fifth articles that Castro was wrote related to Obama issues less than 2 weeks. Friday (6/2), Castro attack Barrack Obama within said that Obama’s policies has losing virginity because the policy lost a focus for Cuban citizen, and prefer to choose cuban-american that had elected him in the General Election.

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