Socialite Case : Manohara Odelia Pinot

April 26, 2009

Young Indonesian model, Manohara Odelia Pinot, Who married with Prince of Kelantan, Malaysia (Tengku Temmenggong Kelantan) was kidnapped and got a sexual harrashment from her husband. Some sites tell this is jokes and defend Malaysian Prince and his Kingdom of Kelantan, but this is not jokes for Indonesian peoples, this is was proved and need to be proceed later on.


Manohara Odelia Pinot.

Not to blame once again, but this is a truth that Malaysian also did un-racional things to Indonesian citizens that living in their country, for example is what happened to a lot of Indonesian workers (TKI) that got sexual harrashment or tortured by Malaysian.

To see this Manohara problems, in many perspective, such as many news was released, that Manohara’s mother selling her for enrich herself or to enter the socilite lifes, nobility, etc. The way that news report was unproved that Malaysian said, but this is a problems, we can not separate this from other posibility, just for assumtion.

And then, how this problems means for us as Indonesia peoples? not to blame once again, sometimes, for example Manohara’s mom who blind because of luxurious, just gives her daughter to Kelantan’s prince, that she assumed has position, luxurious and nobility, it is show that Indonesia have a lower bargaining position, in economics, politics and laws.

Should SBY involves in this problems? in his capability as president of Indonesia, SBY have a strong chance to solve this problems, but it is not president responsibility, this step can be putted to Indonesia Foreign Affairs Depatment, but Manohara’s case not that easy as we know, to much aspects to be involved in this case, let se how it is work?