Remembering Michael Jackson:”King of Pop”

July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson, died June 25, 2009., the world cry, miss and salute to the king of pop. Remember about his milestone career in music, since joined the Jackson Five along to his older brothers (Jackie, Marlon, Randy and Jermaine Jackson), they hit the world by they show, sing and dance in 1970’s decade.

Following his career history, Michael, was really legendary musician, he is like a role for every child, teenager and so many music listeners, through so many top hitlist songs from his albums, it really sad saw him passed away this years by cardiac desease.

PhotobucketMichael Jackson, “The King of Pop” (1958-2009)

Through this following little article, let we little bit take a rest, memorizing him “the king of pop”, give applause for his dedication to the music and entertainment, so long Michael!